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dealing with clinical negligence

About us

We are a leading provider of medical records pagination and interpretation services to the clinical negligence sector of the legal profession.

We believe in offering a simple and cost effective service to our law firm clients while maintaining very high standards of professionalism in the services that are delivered.

Kingsbury Pagination always offers its new clients the benefit of the first three cases being organised free of charge (subject to size of bundle) in order that the instructing law firm is able to sample the service and test the quality of the services provided.

Such an arrangement also allows Kingsbury Pagination to ensure that the service delivered is as bespoke as possible for the instructing firm. Rather than simply sending you redacted versions of standard documents, we are able to demonstrate the service we provide on your cases.

What can we offer your firm?

  • The organisation of voluminous medical records into a cogent, ordered Bundle of notes which, even at the outset of the case, would be capable of being used in a Trial Bundle

  • The implementation of a bespoke style of sorting and organising the records to suit the instructing firm

  • The preparation of a detailed chronology of the salient events in the case

  • The preparation of a Memorandum summarising the contents of the Bundle and any missing records

  • The provision of an analysis of the likely prospects of success of the case including details of the best type of expert to seek to instruct and what issues will need to be addressed by them

  • The delivery of a digital copy of the bundle together with digital versions of all prepared documents

Our Services

Bespoke Solutions for your Firm

Everything we do can be tailored to the needs of your organisation, just let us know what you need and we’ll do the rest

Interested in our Services?

If you have a new clinical negligence case coming up and need expert medical pagination & interpretation then give us our team call or send us an email.